1What can I use
Occasional Care for?

Occasional care allows you the flexibility to leave your children in an early childhood learning environment to socialise and interact with other children.

There are many reasons why families use occasional care, including;

  • Casual, part-time or shift work
  • Respite care
  • Appointments
  • Crisis and emergency care
  • Studying
  • Shopping
  • Socialisation for child and family
  • Education for child and family
  • Leisure pursuits
  • Voluntary community work


2Is there help with the cost of
Occasional Care?

The Commonwealth Government’s Child Care Benefit scheme provides help with the cost of child care. All families using occasional child care services for work or study reasons will be able to get some assistance.

Some occasional care services can also offer fee reductions through the Child Care Benefit scheme to families using child care for other reasons. Your occasional care service can tell you what help is available.


3How often can I use
Occasional Child Care?

Bookings can be made:

  • Hourly
  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Regular bookings
  • Short sessions
  • A school term

Ask the occasional care centre of your choice for their information brochure explaining their range of services and fee structures.


4What systems are in place to ensure
my children are receiving quality care?

Quality child care is an important part of your community. All levels of government in Australia recognise the importance of quality child care. Each State and Territory has regulations and licensing requirements to assist in protecting your children whilst in care. Licensed child care centres are required to abide by these regulations. To help give you peace of mind, the regulations specify:

  • The number of children in care
  • The size of rooms and playgrounds
  • The ratio of staff to children
  • Health and safety requirements

Staff are a high priority in providing quality care for your children. State/Territory licensing requirements ensure that staff employed by the service are suitably qualified and screened.

Occasional care centres operate in an environment where each child’s personal development and cultural experiences are included in the educational program of the centre. Age appropriate developmental activities are based on the child’s individual needs, interests and personal experiences.


5What should I consider when seeking
an Occasional Care srevice?

It is worth assessing the merits of a centre based on:

  • Do my children feel comfortable?
  • Does it ‘feel right’?
  • Do the activities suit my children?
  • Is there plenty of equipment and toys?
  • Are parents encouraged to engage in the centre’s activities?

Also consider:

  • Quality of providers and activities
  • Availability of flexible care arrangements and times
  • Experience and qualification of staff
  • Ability to cater for any special needs your children may have
  • Location
  • Cost


6Prior to

To enable a smooth transition into care, parents and children are encouraged to visit the centre. This provides your children with the opportunity to become familiar with the centre’s environment.


7What if my children
have additional needs?

Staff are happy to discuss additional care requirements your children may have. Commonwealth support is also available to assist child care services to include children with additional needs.


8How can I
get involved?

Services encourage parent involvement and feedback. Talk to your service staff about how you can become involved as parents play an essential role to the service their children attend.