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Occasional Care is a unique child care service that supports families by providing flexible care for children from birth to school age.

Service focus on providing a safe, caring, nuturing environment that is stimulating and encourages your children's participation. The surroundings are planned to safegaurd the health and safety of your children, which will enable you to feel confident in the care being provided.

Occasional care services are generally small centres with a philosophy that encourages family grouping; this means siblings are not separated. The flexible hours of an occasional care service allows parents the opportunity to introduce their children to care by enrolling them for short periods of time.

When you use occasional care services, you pay only for the hours you use.

Occasional care is an essential service to your community by providing quality care to meet your needs.

Definition of Occasional Child Care

Occasional Care (OCC) is a centre-based form of child care. OCC services are responsive to the needs of the general community and provide flexible care which allows parents to meet their work-related and non-work related commitments. Families can access OCC regularly on a sessional basis, or irregular. OCC services do not offer full-time, all day care except in extenuating circumstances. OCC provides families with the flexibility to leave children in a early childhood learning environment on days and hours that best meets their needs. OCC can provide care at short notice and immediate emergency care. OCC services charge fees that reflect the amount of time a child spends in care. OCC is available to all children, however most of the children in care will not have started school.

the Office of Early Childhood Education and Child Care